This is an about & contact page. Sandyspider Living Online is an online directory of me. Listing my online stores, videos, articles, reviews and everywhere I spin my web on. As an associate and designer on these POD (print on demand) stores, I do earn a small income when that product is bought.

Find me on Amazon mainly as Sandy Mertens A few other names of from this designer (from many) on 3DRose and shown on Amazon. Sandyspider Stores on Zazzle and my partner’s store is Timsmansmall Stores on Zazzle

Who is this Sandyspider?

Sandyspider has become a trade name owned by Sandy Mertens and created in 2008. There are a few who have used Sandyspider after that date of creation, unfortunately. In those cases social sites as Twitter and YouTube, I am known as Sandyspiderbite.

A small business owner with professional designs in POD shops: Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6Apparelodyssey ShopAnimals.apparelodyssey and 3DRose to name a few. I am an online writer and business reviewer, eBook Cover designer and formatter. A spider spinning her web and open for a custom hire.

Contact: for information on writing a review, eBook cover, or a customized gift. More jobs then are listed here.
I am an associate for POD shopping sites and Amazon. I will make a small royalty when a purchase is made from these links. 

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